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We represent a number of clients around the world that are in need of virtual assistants (VA’s). These clients fall into two main categories: 

Clicking on the above links will explain precisely what we are offering each of these clients. As a virtual assistant, it’s a good idea for you to familiarise yourself with the offer.

To Summarise

Our army of VA’s use their LinkedIn profiles to advocate for our clients.

We are the middleman – we bring in the client and hire you, the virtual assistant, to execute our strategy using your personal LinkedIn profile. You will grow your LinkedIn connections and they will become an asset for you going forward. Don’t worry, you will never spam – our approach is gentle and highly effective.

Very little training is needed: our software serves each VA the instructions they need to follow. It’s super simple and will require around 1-3 hours per week.

This video explains what we are looking for from a VA:

Getting Started


Each virtual assistant requires a desktop/laptop computer AND a LinkedIn profile.


This video explains how to install our app onto their desktop using GOOGLE CHROME or MICROSOFT EDGE.


Here is the link to install the software.

That’s it! If a VA can i) install the software and ii) login to the app via LinkedIn, then they have the basic skills required to enlist in our LinkedIn army. When the client commences work, we will give you a training manual, a video, and assign you a CAPTAIN to guide you.

For a technically advanced virtual assistant, one who truly wishes to get ahead in the LinkedIn game, jump on my free online LinkedIn training course here. This is only for advanced virtual assistants: 90% of VA’s will require very little training to follow the instructions we send them.

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