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You’ve done the lead generation, but now it’s time to convert those lost, trapped souls into customers

There are many lost souls out there, hovering on the verge of enquiring about your product or service… they just haven’t taken that leap of faith! This is called the Sales conversion gap.

You’re doing lead generation and you’re getting traction… but why aren’t these people enquiring?

It’s because they are: Trapped in the gap

Let me explain:

SALES is divided into two distinct categories: LEAD GENERATION (PROSPECTING) and CLOSING. They are polar opposites, requiring very different skills.

CLOSING deals requires a one-on-one meeting or telephone call. LEAD GENERATION is the art of getting in front of the right person in the first place.

Now, LEAD GENERATION and PROSPECTING is divided into two sub-categories: i) Connecting with new prospects and ii) Nurturing those prospects.

If you are using a system like all the lead generation and most of the lead nurturing is done for you… but you still have to get the appointment and close the deals.

How do you make the initial lead generation connection with the right people in your target market? No, you don’t need to attend a million networking events. Forget skulking around trade shows and expos. To connect with the right people all you need is

How do you build relationships with the right people once you’ve found them? This is far more difficult and is discussed in my “The Captivating One-liner” e-book.

Now, the sales conversion gap is that dark, awful, horrible place where those prospects who are being nurtured, but haven’t yet enquired with you or made a purchase, are trapped. They are frightened, they are scared and so many potential customers are trapped in the gap. If only you could save them and turn them into sales!

You can, by using a special Lead Generation reporting tool like this:

It’s a simple case of tracking them, then giving them a score: how warm are they? If they score 4, then nurture them a little longer. If they score 20, call them right now because they are ready to engage with you! When you know how warm a prospect is, you can proactively reach out and save them from the gap! lead generation technology is our heroine, savior of the stuck. She can help you get leads on LinkedIn, warm them up for you and score them. And she is almost completely automated.

Use the Lead Generation system to unshackle those poor souls who are unknowingly trapped in your sales conversion gap.

Scott Cundill is the co-founder and CEO of