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“One LinkedIn software to rule them all. One Linkedin software to bind them. One LinkedIn software to bring them all, and in the light of lead generation bind them.”

— Frodo, Lord of Leads, Legend of LinkedIn

It’s time to stop your perilous journey to Mount Doom, trying every LinkedIn tool along the way. You’re exhausted and the fate of your business is at stake.

There is no question that the only LinkedIn software tool you need for:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales support
  • Tracking, tagging and measuring
  • Link click lead scoring
  • Sending Linkedin message templates
  • Sales pipeline management
  • LinkedIn marketing strategy
  • Getting emails from LinkedIn
  • Generating referrals from other LinkedIn business
  • Etc.

…is the My Most Trusted Network – – MMT.

From Singapore to Sarasota. From Sydney to South Africa. Elvish marketers and savvy dwarvish business owners are doing LinkedIn properly, all thanks to MMT.

It’s a non-automation software wizard… and even Saruman, dark lawyer for LinkedIn cannot sue you or suspend your profile for using it.

Of course, the evil ones will try and stop you. Horrible automation tools that LinkedIn hates will stand in your way. Hold up the light of MMT, and they will scatter, back under the rocks from whence they came.

My Most Trusted is your guiding light, helping you send LinkedIn invitations quickly and correctly. You can organise your contacts and work them through your sales funnel. Get referrals, extract email addresses and phone numbers from your LinkedIn connections.

You can even become Gandalf the White-label and white-label the system for your own business, turning your sales team and your employees into lead generation legends. Your fellowship of brothers and sisters will unite, and you will be free of the tyranny of having so few sales in your business.

FEAR NOT! There is no spam here – follow our free LinkedIn Training Course For Beginners and learn our soft and gentle sales methodology. And because the road is long, our mobile app that comes with it makes your burden that much lighter.

This free one hour LinkedIn Lead Generation Course is intense and advanced… it will teach any adept social media master to become an arcane god.


….that this LinkedIn software for lead generation is the only one you will ever need:


Download the magic spell book here: