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It is frustrating that automated LinkedIn software used for lead generation fits just one category: LinkedIn Automation. Apart from automation tools, there are almost no lead generation apps that actually serve any real purpose over and beyond merely automating the LinkedIn process – except one.

The best LinkedIn lead generation software needs to go so much further than merely automation. It should have these 12 features:

  1. A LinkedIn Lead Scoring Dashboard
    You have hundreds of LinkedIn connections and you cannot reach out and nurture all of them. Lead generation software MUST incorporate a form of lead scoring so you can cherry-pick those that are engaging your content the most. As they engage with your content they score higher, then you move them into your sales pipeline.

    The Lead Scoring Dashboard.

  2. Semi-Automation
    You can speed up your LinkedIn invitations with personal messages, acceptance messages, etc. without actually automating it. LinkedIn automation is dangerous while semi-automation serves the same purpose with none of the risk. It also allows you to manually “top up” the automation process with your own leads and this drastically increases response rates.
  3. Sales Funnel Reporting
    Can you see your entire sales funnel in one place? If you have to move your LinkedIn leads into a third party CRM then you are missing a critical step. Ideally, your sales funnel needs to literally sit on top of LinkedIn so your sales funnel builds while you work your connections. Lead generation software must show you an actual sales funnel report in real-time with all the data pulled from LinkedIn.
  4. Tracking Links
    The best LinkedIn lead generation software MUST allow you to create tracking links so you know when someone has clicked on an article, your website, a video, etc. It should also notify you if anyone has clicked in real-time on your mobile phone so you can deal with that lead while they are hot.
  5. Pulling Email Addresses from LinkedIn
    It’s a contentious issue, but lead generation software needs to be able to pull email addresses from LinkedIn. The next point explains how to use those email addresses correctly.
  6. Sending Emails
    Some people respond to LinkedIn messages. Others react to good old fashioned emails. The best LinkedIn lead generation software allows you to send emails in the form of an email journey/email sequence. It pulls the emails from LinkedIn then asks for permission to email them. This is accomplished using an opt-in landing page. 
  7. Quick message templates
    if you send the same message over and over again, with merely the contacts name or company or other fields being different, then self-building quick message templates are critical to speeding up your LinkedIn outreach.
  8. Separating Trusted Connections
    The problem with LinkedIn is you cannot separate your trusted contacts that you know from those you don’t.
  9. Referrals
    The ability to see your trusted connections and their trusted connections means you can ask for a referral. All you do is simply look through the list of connections for a good person to meet, then ask your trusted connection for an introduction. A few clicks and you have a referral.
  10. A Mobile App
    The best lead generation Software absolutely must have a mobile version. A mobile app to receive leads in real-time so you can action them in real-time while they are looking at your content is critical to the success of your sales.

  11. Reminders, Tags, and Notes.
    If you don’t follow-up LinkedIn leads, then you may as well not bother. Reminders in the software will facilitate your follow-ups. Then tag leads, categorise them, and make notes, similar to a CRM system. We call this pre-CRM because it facilitates the lead generation and lead nurturing phase on LinkedIn. 
  12. A Proven Methodology and Process
    Just using lead generation software gets you nowhere. It is highly recommended that you read this book and learn the right approach that is proven and works:

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The Captivating One-liner e-book by Scott Cundill

The best LinkedIn lead generation software that incorporates every single one of these 12 features is It ignites your lead generation and builds your sales funnel.