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This course is proprietary to Scott Cundill and It combines the LinkedIn lead generation software with a very special methodology that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Did you know that there are over 1 million marketing companies in the world today?

Many of these digital agencies service clients internationally, which means competition out there is fierce!

Our free LinkedIn Lead Generation Course will show you how to stand out from your competitors and to do something for your clients that very few digital agencies can do.

Imagine your clients loving you even more than they already do right now 🙂

You might be thinking:
“How do I get social media engagement or website traffic?”

Your client is probably thinking:
“How do I close more deals and sell, sell, sell?” 

For a business to be profitable, you need qualified leads and a measurable sales pipeline. With almost a billion users, LinkedIn is head and shoulders the number one lead generation platform and easily the cheapest. In fact, you can get almost all its benefits for free.

As a social media manager or digital marketer, your focus is often on engagement and traffic – likes, shares, retweets, reposts, page impressions, etc. All of this is important for brand building and takes people on a journey towards potentially buying from your client in the future.

…but what if you could also offer your client a solution to get to sales sooner?

There is a blatant disconnect between how the client sees and measures their marketing strategy… and how you see and measure it. This is where our free one-hour LinkedIn lead generation course will help.

What do your clients really want from their marketing strategy?

They want a combination of your social media knowledge with their need for sales. They want to literally be able to see the results of your social media as a real, measurable sales pipeline like this:

By the time you complete this free course you will be able to bridge this gap and create a measurable sales pipeline for the client in a way that the client understands. You will combine social media and website traffic into an additional service offering that you can implement right now… and charge for.

Why is this LinkedIn lead generation course free?

We are hunting the best and brightest social media managers and digital marketers to train as partners, taking their careers to the next level. We want you to learn our approach and add our lead generation software to your future marketing strategies.

What will this lead generation course teach me?

  1. Why even bother with LinkedIn as part of a marketing strategy?
  2. How to make money by offering your client the additional service of LinkedIn lead generation and sales pipeline management right now.
  3. Learn how to implement an approach that very few social media managers and digital marketers understand.
  4. How to take your social media strategies and convert them into a measurable sales pipeline that your client understands and appreciates.
  5. Help the client get more hands on and involved in their own sales process by prioritising and scoring the leads you send them.
  6. Gently build the clients respect, credibility and reputation to a key group of people on LinkedIn.
  7. Of the hundreds of social media engagements you are getting, learn to give the client a set of actionable steps to get more sales.
  8. How to use that one part of LinkedIn that actually works: getting names, job titles, company names, email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn.
  9. The best free linkedin lead generation software you should use and how to use it.
  10. A series of tricks and tips that will amplify your social media and “top-up” your current results… with even better results.

Where can I find the free LinkedIn Lead Generation course?

It’s right here. You don’t even have to fill out a form to get it:


As a social media manager or digital marketer, once you have finished this free LinkedIn Lead Generation Course, please contact us to set up a one-on-one meeting. We’d love to see how we can partner with your digital agency and take your career to the next level.