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Step 1: Initial Bot Setup – Setup before the LinkedIn PIN verification
Step 2: Organise the LinkedIn PIN Verification 24 Hours after Step 1
Step 3: Getting the Bot Ready to start Inviting Prospect

  1. Create a user inside the client’s Majestic profile
  2. Add the Invitation Message
  3. Create a tracking link for the Feature Article
  4. Add the Acceptance Message with Tracking Link Code
  5. Please ensure that both messages contains the correct replace-field code for the persons name which is #contact.fname#
  6. Set the user
  7. Let me know to insert the correct server
  8. The bot is now ready to start sending invites, so you can either activate the invites or you can wait until the emails are also ready so that you can activate both the invites and acceptances all in one go.

Step 4: Loading the Clients Logo & Images
Step 5: Tracking Links (Comm Links)
Step 6: Email Signature (Look & Feel)
Step 7: Journey Setup (Email Series)
Step 8: Contact Statuses

  1. LinkedIn Prospects for Bot Users
  2. Test Group for Testing Purposes

Step 9: Form Setup

  1. Rename the form if it hasn’t been renamed already
  2. Setup form Rules

Step 10: Journey Testing
Step 11: Final Checklist before Fully Activating Everything