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Sales lead generation to close new deals.

Analytics to identify where and why you are going wrong.

A mentor to fix each problem using a proven sales training methodology.

Sales Lead Generation

The system takes a soft approach to digital marketing and network building.

The key to this lead generation approach is to first provide your potential customers with content that addresses pain points in their particular industry, thereby providing them with great value, before you try selling them anything. When done correctly this approach achieves two valuable objectives. Firstly, to show your potential customers that you can add value to their business through your expertise, and secondly, to cultivate a mutual relationship based on trust and credibility.

The Captivating One-liner

It all starts with a quality content article that eloquently addresses specific pain points within your industry and area of expertise, thereby providing value to your potential connections. Central to the success of this article is the captivating one-liner, a title that will instantly grab the attention of your prospective client.

We also provide step-by-step guidance on the all-important email series and a one-on-one video interview with Scott Cundill.

We Build Your Personal Credibility

Our automated sales prospecting lead generation software automatically sends out invitations to your prospective connections, saving you countless hours compared to doing it manually. If your prospective connections are captivated by the title of your article and want to read it, they first have to accept your connection invitation. Once your new connections are established you impress them with your article.

Automated Sales Funnel

A carefully curated response will automatically stay in touch with your new LinkedIn connections with automated emails and more valuable content.

To assist with this process, Maj3 developed a LinkedIn business network & referral app that speeds up typical LinkedIn prospecting by 300%.

The “My Most Trusted Network” extension can be used to move people through your sales pipeline with custom messages and templates.

Analyse the Data

The Maj3 software tracks every unique customer journey to identify which connections are the most engaged with your content. This allows you to identify your new leads that are most likely to convert to sales and subsequently where your sales efforts should be focused.

Close Your Deals

Approach your new connection personally knowing that they have already shown considerable interest in your expertise. We provide you with every step of the way sales training to ensure that you close more deals.

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