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Time Management for salespeople is a dirty subject. We don’t like it. It relates too closely to this thing called admin. And we hate admin.

“I don’t have time” is an excuse used all too often in sales. If you get Time Management right it really, really works. This article and video explain why.

In this video, Mick McCormick from McCormick Training discusses time management for salespeople. The most important trait to master… is Self Discipline.

As Mick says in the video above, “there is nothing easier in life and in business (and in sales) than being busy. There is nothing more important than being effective.”

It’s not about managing time because time is constant… it’s about managing self.

Think about what time is:

Time is equal. Elon has 24 hours in a day and so do you.
Time is predictable. One hour in Elon’s life is exactly the same as an hour in yours.

The best salespeople in the world come from logical, left-brain backgrounds. If an accountant is told to make five prospecting calls a day, he or she will make five calls. Not four, not six. Many salespeople will do three today, then take a couple of days off, then do seven, etc.

Great sales, like great time management, is about consistency. Follow the LinkedIn and email lead and sales generation process consistently and you will get sales. However, no system will work for you if you do not have Time Management.

This diagram shows where your money is sitting right now:

LinkedIn Connections

The sales gap

Other articles on the website explain this “sales gap” in more detail. You have so many prospects willing and able to buy from you… but they won’t jump into your lap. 

If you have self-discipline and you spend time on the right quality people who are almost ready to buy but haven’t contacted you, then you will convert. That means managing your time as a salesperson and making sure you allocate hours in the week to just do it.

The sales process makes this process so much easier. We use LinkedIn and email to generate leads, nurture them, then see exactly who is getting close to making a purchase. Finally, all you have to do is spend time building a relationship with high-quality prospects.

Spending time with great quality leads is the essence of effective Time Management and it WILL improve your sales.