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Sales managers and directors spend countless hours building the ‘perfect’ sales team; doing their due diligence, personality tests, interviews, etc. But despite all this effort, we notice a recurring trend: 80% of the work is done by 20% of the team. 

Scott Cundill sits down with Brian de Beer to discuss what motivates a sales team and what sets a good salesperson apart from a bad one. How do sales managers and directors set effective goals for and motivate their sales team? 

As a sales manager or director, you need to find the goals and motivations of the individuals in your team – your company goals will not motivate them. Setting SMART goals will effectively drive the sales ‘wheel’ into motion. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. And if done properly, can return 80% of sales from 80% of your team. 

But how do you choose the right person? Most of the time, you expect to find the perfect salesperson in the charismatic, energetic, vacuum salesman type. When in reality the perfect salesperson can be hidden within an accountant or businessman. The key factor in a good salesperson is discipline. They need to have the ability to consistently hit simple goals set for them, nothing more, nothing less. 100% reliability. 

Brian loves sharing his knowledge and along with Scott, goes much more in-depth on this subject in the video above. Brian has gone from sales teams thousands of people strong to one of the most effective selling machines you can find. Enjoy the video and don’t hesitate to reach out!