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Co-founder and CEO of the Lead Generation Software Company interviews Mick McCormick of, the internationally acclaimed Sales Trainer.

Your lead generation is going well so you don’t need to cold call… you’re using the lead scoring dashboard to pick up your leads as they come in. Your inbound sales leads look great on paper! You know you need to pick up the phone and call these prospects to either book the appointment and/or close those deals. But you don’t. You put it off. You procrastinate. Why?

Why do so many of us have the anxiety of picking up the phone and simply calling these warm prospects? Mick McCormick gives three reasons why salespeople are scared of making sales calls.

Watch the video below to find out…


In summary, Mick McCormick our sales trainer guru says this about making sales calls:

  1. Get your mind in order: you have to be motivated and excited to make those sales calls. You want the result right? So… do it!
  2. Preparation: with LinkedIn and the Internet, you can research that person before you phone them. The lead nurturing process ensures it will be a warm call, not a cold call so you can quickly and easily find something in common to speak about!
  3. Don’t ever present a sales pitch, instead have a business conversation. You are intelligent and professional.

Watch my interview with Mick McCormick here: