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Below is a check list of information that is required for setting up a brand new profile.

  1. New Domain for the Profile
    We need to register a fresh domain and subdomain from our side to host the profile.
    Something like 
    >> This link explains in more detail
  2. Cobot User Details
    Required for each separate user


    • Name & Surname
    • Job Title
    • Office Email
    • Mobile Number
    • LinkedIn Username & Password
  3. Country
    This would be the country from which the owner of the LinkedIn profile logs into their LinkedIn account most of the time.
  4. Target Audience
    The Link for the LinkedIn Search Results
    Examples here
  5. LinkedIn Invitation Message
    Example here
  6. LinkedIn Acceptance Message
    Example here
  7. Link to Feature Article
    Example here
  8. Email Series
    Examples here