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The Captivating One-liner is the most important cog in your LinkedIn and email marketing strategy. You have 12-15 seconds to convince someone to click and engage… so if your C1L is great, then this will be a winner. If it isn’t… then your LinkedIn and email outreach will fail.

It’s soft, gentle and not spammy. It shows your audience that you feel their pain. This is why the industry average clickthrough rate is 1% and we get 12-15%. It has nothing to do with you or your business! It’s about them, not you.

Watch this short video on how to prepare for the workshop:

In summary, to prepare for your Captivating One-liner workshop, please consider the following:

  1. Think about the primary industries and or job titles you are looking to reach. To help you, here is a list of all the industry categories on LinkedIn:
  2. As yourself what keeps my audience awake at night? The end result is going to be a piece of content that speaks to this pain.
  3. Prepare to be bold and daring! If you’re bland, you’re dead. People get hundreds of messages on LinkedIn and thousands of emails. You MUST be prepared to make a direct and powerful statement that reflects their pain back at them in a way that makes them go “Woah! I need to see this.”

If you want more details on how this fits into your broader marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes reading this short e-book:

The Captivating One-liner Workshop will be fun, but intense, so relax and enjoy the process!