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Every good marketing strategy includes the phone: be it cold calling or warm calling. The better the marketing strategy, the warmer and more qualified the calls.

Say you are working on a digital marketing strategy. The client is thinking “I want sales!” and the marketer is thinking “how do I get engagement?” – do you see the disconnect? Someone has to turn that social media engagement into sales and this is usually the role of cold callers.

The goal of the marketing strategy is to get sales. To get sales, you need engagement and real conversations. But you cannot avoid the dreaded phone… cold calling works.

This video perfectly illustrates the Cold Calling conundrum:

Your Marketing Strategy Needs LinkedIn

Your marketing strategy needs LinkedIn because LinkedIn is the only social media platform that provides the right kind of data required for cold calling: that is:

  • Phone numbers
  • Company names
  • Email address (yes, LinkedIn provides email addresses)
  • Job titles
  • Company data like size of company, description, etc.

You can do all the research you need on LinkedIn to feed your cold calling… BUT… to access this data, you need to be formally connected to the person you wish to cold call. That means, reaching out to that contact with an invitation message, encouraging them to accept that invitation and getting a conversation going.

The LinkedIn lead generation service does this for you.
Here’s how:

  1. A LinkedIn Lead Scoring Dashboard
    You have hundreds of LinkedIn connections and you cannot reach out and nurture all of them. Lead generation software MUST incorporate a form of lead scoring so you can cherry pick those that are engaging your content the most. As they engage with your content they score higher, then you move them into your sales pipeline. Now you have turned cold calling into warm calling.


    The Lead Scoring Dashboard.
  2. Sales Funnel Reporting
    Can you see your entire sales funnel in one place? Your sales funnel needs to literally sit on top of LinkedIn so your sales funnel builds while you work your connections. Lead generation software must show you an actual sales funnel report in real time with all the data pulled from LinkedIn so your cold calling can turn into warm calling.
  3. Sending emails
    Some people respond to LinkedIn messages. Others react to good old fashioned emails. The best LinkedIn lead generation software allows you to send emails in the form of an email journey/email sequence. It pulls the emails from LinkedIn then asks for permission to email them. This is accomplished using an opt-in landing page.


    Remember, your goal is to turn cold calling into warm calling. Emails help this process tremendously because it drip feeds your LinkedIn database with messages to keep you top of mind.

  1. Referrals
    The ability to see your trusted connections and their trusted connections means you can ask for a referral. All you do is simply look through the list of connections for a good person to meet, then ask your trusted connection for an introduction. A few clicks and you have a referral. There is no such thing as cold calling a referral – all referrals are, by definition, already warm!

  2. A Mobile App
    The best lead generation and cold calling software absolutely must have a mobile version. A mobile app to receive leads in real time so you can call them while they are looking at your content. This is an absolute must have for any marketing strategy.


  3. Reminders, Tags and Notes.
    If you don’t follow-up LinkedIn leads, cold calls and warm calls, then you may as well not bother. Reminders in the software will facilitate your follow-ups. Then tag leads, categorise them and make notes, similar to a CRM system. We call this pre-CRM because it facilitates the lead generation and lead nurturing phase on LinkedIn.
  4. A Proven Methodology and Process
    Just using lead generation software and cold calling gets you nowhere. It is highly recommended that you read this book and learn the right approach that is proven and works. Your cold calling will turn into warm calling and you will see far better results! This book explains:

The Captivating One-liner e-book by Scott Cundill


The best LinkedIn lead generation software that incorporates every single one of these features is It ignites your lead generation and builds your sales funnel.