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Business is not going to fall into your lap. Those days are over.

Converting your 1st degree connections on LinkedIn into conversations and sales has become urgent. To do it, you need to take your personal reputation and credibility on LinkedIn very seriously.

This video explains exactly how to do it:

LinkedIn Conversions are Everything and Your Personal Reputation on the Platform is the Future of Sales

Did you read the email that LinkedIn sent to it’s users?

“ We’ve heard from LinkedIn members that they feel their inboxes are overwhelmed by more and more connection requests from strangers. Members tell us they don’t like getting them and often mark them as spam. As a reminder, it’s best to only connect with people you know. Keeping your connections list relevant and personal ensures you have the best LinkedIn experience as well. If you receive an invitation from a stranger, it’s OK to click Ignore. “

This emphasises exactly what I speak about in the video above: you need to establish trust up front.

LinkedIn is quietly growing momentum. During Lockdown the channel boomed. The trick: don’t advertise on LinkedIn. Instead, consider the Captivating One-liner approach to gently reach out with just one-line that gets the right people clicking, interacting and conversing.

Facebook is dying so converting LinkedIn connections just became critical

BC (Before Censorship), from an ROI perspective, Facebook was dying. Bots, fake profiles and false click engines ran rampant. Trust was almost non-existent.

Facebook is under increasing attack from bots, hackers and fake accounts. Tens of millions have watched the Netflix documentary Social Dilemma and reduced or removed their support for the platform. The same applies to YouTube.

After 500 million whatsapp and Facebook records were up for sale on telegram (including yours and mine) you can imagine the nightmare that is coming for social media.

Next to Twitter (yawn) that leaves SEO, AdWords and LinkedIn as your primary digital marketing channels (and email which is making a comeback). SEO takes time, requires effort and drives plenty of fake traffic to your site. AdWords is fiercely competitive and more intelligent people are leaving Google for the privacy of DuckDuckGo.

This is why smaller businesses and sales people prefer to cement their personal reputations to key people on LinkedIn.

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FACT: LinkedIn profiles are being taken a lot more seriously as personal reputation is paramount.

A client of ours has trained over 20,000 gym membership sales people worldwide. He said the highest performing sales people came from these backgrounds: teachers, accountants, librarians and nurses

Why, because they diligently followed a process.

The same goes for converting your LinkedIn connections into calls, sales and customers: just follow the process diligently and take your personal reputation and credibility very seriously.

Contact us and we will guide you through this process.