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Effective lead generation strategies are at the heart of any successful business in Singapore. Lead generation actively brings in new potential clients and allows your business to continue growing.

Now more than ever with social distancing and limitations placed on going out, businesses should be learning how to effectively leverage the internet to grow.

89% of households in Singapore have access to the internet. This means you, as a business owner have access to them.

Generating leads online can be one of the most effective strategies for growing your business, but can also be a huge waste of time and money if not done correctly. In this article, we are going to explore three of the most effective methods of generating leads online in Singapore.

Here’s how:

  1. Generating Leads with Cold Calling

    Cold calling is a term that strikes fear into even the bravest business owners and sales teams. But it needn’t be that way; if utilised properly and done by a team or individual that has been taught how to cold call effectively, it can be an incredibly powerful tool for generating leads. If you’d like to learn more, head over to this article which explains how to effectively generate leads with cold calling in Singapore.

  2. Generating Lead with Social Media

    In years gone by, getting your business in front of the eyes of potential clients required huge amounts of time and money; collecting emails, paying for billboards, pamphlets, or TV ads. These ‘spray and pray’ methods do not even guarantee that the desired target market will see your ads.

    Today, in the palm of your hand, you hold the most effective billboard ever made. Around 4 billion people worldwide use social media in some way, a number so vast you could never hope to reach through traditional methods.

    With social media, you can effectively narrow down who you target by using hashtags, learning how to take advantage of algorithms, and posting content which appeals to your niche. Content is simple, easy to produce, and highly effective. Every business in 2021 needs to be using social media for lead generation.

  3. Lead Generation in Singapore using LinkedIn

    Perhaps the most powerful and yet least used method for generating leads; LinkedIn. LinkedIn is to mainstream social media what Rolls-Royce is to Toyota. Social media is better than other options, it will get the job done, consistently and effectively. LinkedIn, however, is a class act; boasting 760 million members and 260 million active users ranging from CEOs of tech companies to receptionists, bakers, artists, and everything in between.

    LinkedIn allows you to narrow down who you target like no other platform available. You could, for example, target only clients in Singapore. Another benefit of LinkedIn for lead generation is it has one purpose and one purpose only, business. Nobody is on LinkedIn to watch videos of cats or baby elephants.

    If used properly, you can grow your business beyond your wildest dreams with nothing but LinkedIn, a laptop, and some simple tools to aid you along the path. LinkedIn is more of a learning curve than other platforms, but the results are worth it. To learn more about exactly how you can grow your business with LinkedIn download the free e-book, ‘The Captivating One-Liner’ written by Scott Cundill, our CEO and an expert in LinkedIn lead generation.


The Captivating One-liner e-book by Scott Cundill

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