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Did you know that you can close a lot more sales through LinkedIn messages? Here’s a real-life example of me talking to my LinkedIn contacts and converting them into appointments and sales. Properly setting up a conversation on LinkedIn, puts you in the position to take a casual chat to the next level – a sales appointment. Build this step into your marketing strategy and see the results for yourself!

Acquiring new customers on LinkedIn requires two things:

  1. Patience (netting high paying customers takes time)
  2. Diligence (netting high paying customers takes work)

Your primary weapon to get those sales: direct messages on LinkedIn
Your secondary weapon to win those deals: email

I presented a real life example to a group of business owners from various countries explaining exactly how I convert my LinkedIn connections into calls and meetings. See how I did it here:

(Note: the lead generation technique outlined in this video works perfectly using the free version of LinkedIn.)

As you can see from the video above, the conversation on LinkedIn is gentle and natural. The approach is a soft method of winning sales – we do not spam, we do not speak about a product or a price or an offer. It’s all about your personal one-on-one reputation with that specific prospect.

Please do not use automated LinkedIn lead generation tools that hard-sell. Instead, turn sales nurturing into a beautifully comfortable process that cements your personal reputation to selected connections. This is the ultimate LinkedIn marketing strategy.

To summarise the video above, there are five things you need to know about writing LinkedIn messages that win more appointments, calls, and ultimately sales:

  1. Write an article with a Captivating One-liner. You have 12-15 seconds to convince someone to click on LinkedIn. The headline for this powerful article that sparks a conversation between you and your LinkedIn connection is called a Captivating One-liner and you can download and read the e-book below.
  2. It’s about YOU, not your company brand. You are the one that is having a personal conversation with a LinkedIn prospect. Your messages should be gentle, asking questions about the pain identified in your article above.
  3. Show prospect empathy. What is their pain? What keeps them awake at night? Generic content doesn’t work – so be specific. Your LinkedIn connection needs to know that you feel their pain. If you understand what they are going through, they might just take your call.
  4. You need patience and diligence. People who are at the top of their game won’t beg you for a meeting – you first need to spend time nurturing and conversing with them. They are serious people so take their issues seriously. Then keep going, keep drip-feeding them nice content around your Captivating One-liner. Following up!

    And here’s a little secret – get them off LinkedIn and onto email as quickly as possible. This extension for Google Chrome will really help you with your sales prospecting:

  5. Only spend time with high-quality prospects. Do not waste your time with LinkedIn connections who are of average quality or less. Set high standards for your prospects. If and when you nail that sales call, it needs to be with the right person, so only spend time with great quality people.

The video above gives you an example of exactly how to write LinkedIn messages that get calls, meetings, and sales. It’s actually quite simple – trust your Captivating One-liner to do the work.

Download the e-book here: