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Recorded live from Hubud, Bali, Scott Cundill teaches us how to leave LinkedIn voice messages, how to script a Linkedin Voice message and when to leave that critical voice message.

Sales people – did you know that it’s possible to record a LinkedIn voice message using the free LinkedIn mobile app? It is! And it’s so powerful for sales prospecting and lead generation… but only if you use it wisely. You don’t need Sales Navigator to leave voice messages, but you do need the LinkedIn mobile app installed.

Install the LinkedIn mobile app and send a message via the app like you would normally. However, when using the mobile app a little microphone button appears. Hold it down and record your voice message.

This video explains the secrets of leaving a voice message on the LinkedIn mobile app.

Here are a few tips for recording powerful voice messages for sales prospecting:

  1. Be really personal
    Research the prospect’s personal LinkedIn profile before leaving that voice message. When you leave the message, make it about them and speak about their pain. Don’t be creepy and make it too personal, but you must show them that this isn’t a pre-recorded sales pitch.
  2. Timing is everything
    If you leave a voice message too early, they will ignore you. Ask for permission first – when they say yes, then you’re good to go. You should only be leaving voice messages for a select few, really good prospects.
  3. Be gentle
    Don’t push a product or service, you are the expert so ask them about their pain, their problems, their issues. This is not about you. This is about a conversation that speaks to their business issues. So be helpful!
  4. Practice
    You have a one minute limit per message so you might have to leave two or even three LinkedIn voice messages to get your point across. Your voice is a tool, so practice it first.
  5. Your call to action
    This is the tricky bit. What do you want out of it? Sometimes it’s just a conversation, other times it’s a phone call or a meeting. Perhaps it’s to visit a website, read a document, or watch a video. Decide what you want them to do. How you script your LinkedIn voice message is the key to getting those results. The video explains this in more detail.

If your leads have been warmed up using the LinkedIn Lead Generation Software, then you will be ready to leave that voice message sooner rather than later. However, you can still mess it up so use this incredibly powerful tool very wisely.

For example, the number one mistake that most sales people make when leaving a voice message on LInkedIn is to sound bland, uninterested, bored and many push their product too hard. You need to sound interested in them. Energy is infectious so recording that voice message with enthusiasm will make a measurable difference to your results.


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