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Scott Cundill is a published author, international kung-fu medallist and prolific speaker. He is currently the CEO of, a global LinkedIn lead generation service.

We all know and agree that a loyal and dedicated staff complement is the lifeblood of any company. Different members of your staff are appointed in different roles – each a specialist in their specific areas. But can employees be cross-trained to become salespeople? Absolutely not, because sales isn’t part of the key performance area of anyone who wasn’t appointed in a sales position. Could they support the sales process by bringing in sales leads from LinkedIn and become lead generators? Absolutely, YES.

Without having to embark on a major sales training initiative, employees can bring in sales leads over and above their current jobs and without any real input from their side. Their involvement will ensure a strong and robust sales pipeline. By becoming lead generators and bringing in sales leads from LinkedIn, your employees will ensure the continued success of your (and their) company. Eventually, everyone wins!

How We Turned Our Employees Into Lead Generators

We turned our staff into LinkedIn lead generators. They deliver sales leads without lifting a finger. Well, obviously they work hard, they just don’t work hard at actual lead generation because it’s all automated.

We all decided on a vertical segment to approach: for example software companies. The LinkedIn lead generation service automatically logs into their LinkedIn account, searches for their chosen target market, invites new contacts and sends those contacts personalised messages. No spam. No hard-sell. A soft, gentle approach to lead generation.

Each LinkedIn contact gets nurtured with a series of outstandingly written LinkedIn messages and emails (never leave out email!) The lead scoring software then scores each contact based on their interaction so I pick them up and move them into my sales funnel.

How Many LinkedIn Leads Does Each Staff Member Generate?

We use the 100/30/5 rule. Each week, every employee sends out 100 LinkedIn invitations. 30 of those accept the invitation. 5 of those turn into good quality leads. These leads are scored using the lead scoring dashboard, like this:

The Lead Scoring Dashboard

5 LinkedIn leads per week per person sounds like a lot. The reason the conversions are so high is thanks to an approach called The Captivating One-liner. This is the essence of the LinkedIn lead generation strategy. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. The right people engage your content because it speaks about their pain instead of your product.

Read the Captivating One-liner E-Book Below

Those sales leads still need to be converted and it’s so much easier than cold calling. Sales people thrive when they are in front of the right person, so let your employees feed those deal closers with qualified sales leads… without lifting a finger. Once your staff become sales prospectors on LinkedIn using the LinkedIn lead generation service, your business gets a very nice boost.