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With social media becoming less and less attractive, more and more people are looking to email marketing to get sales leads. If you are going to use LinkedIn to get email addresses, please do it properly.

The best kept secret – LinkedIn displays email addresses of almost all your connections. So you can harvest emails straight from Linkedin… HOWEVER… spam is a bad thing… so, how do you leverage LinkedIn to build a quality email list without destroying your credibility and getting blocked by LinkedIn?

Here are three secrets to building that email list for email marketing:

  1. Ask for permission to email them in your LinkedIn invitation message. Your LinkedIn invitation is a great way to get permission to email them. Say something like “Hi Simon, I have just written a great article for the manufacturing industry. May I connect and email it to you?” You will be amazed at how many people will say yes simply because you took the courtesy of asking.
  2. Get their email addresses using a tool like www.mymosttrusted.netDon’t use automation because LinkedIn might shut down your profile. MMT speeds up the process, but keeps it manual and real. Don’t export emails from all your contacts, only those that matter.Export those email addresses in one go from the MMT app and import them into your email tool, or use the system to do all your LinkedIn prospecting, all your lead generation and all your email marketing in one place.
  3. Build a pre-populated landing page to get opt-ins. Get the email addresses from LinkedIn, then send them two emails:
    1.  Your email asks them if they could opt-in to your email series. If your email series is on point, and you’ve used a Captivating One-liner (see below), then you should see high quality LinkedIn connections opting into your email list.
    2. 7 Days later, tell them you will delete their data in 48 hours unless they opt-in now.

Both of these emails should link to a pre-populated landing page where they can opt-in. You won’t get as many email addresses, but the opt-ins you do get will be high quality and that’s what email marketing is all about: a high quality list.

So now you have your email list… how do you get results?Most of the time, email marketing doesn’t work. However, if you create a series of episodes like “How to Sell Software (Part 1),” “How to Sell Software (Part 2)” etc. the email series becomes something people look forward to. Once again, it’s the Captivating One-liner approach that makes the difference. Download the e-book below and learn how to get people reacting.</p?The goal is to make you look like a trusted, credible person to key people in your chosen industry or network. It’s not about volume, it’s about quality. can build you an email list while growing and establishing your personal credibility to that list. Do not spam, instead, slowly harvest emails from LinkedIn and take people on a journey that is interesting and insightful. They will look up to you and you will be the first person they speak to when the need arises. This is email marketing at it’s best.


Here is the Captivating One-liner E-book: