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Building an automated sales funnel requires lead generation software and a simple management system. These should be very easy to use. Then it’s time to think cleverly about how to ignite your lead generation and fill that pipeline with qualified sales leads.

In this video, Julie Futcher from The Sales Manager and Scott Cundill from the lead generation software company speak about four methods to fill your sales funnel with leads:

In summary, here are four key pillars to build your sales funnel now:

  1. Learn the buying process of your customers.
    Most businesses leave this step out completely. Is your quote just a formality because the client must request three quotes? How many decision-makers have to sign off? These questions need to be answered or else your sales leads will be wasted and your pipeline for naught.
  2. Speak to your current customers.
    Contact your current customers and simply talk to them. Building your sales funnel doesn’t have to include brand new business, but up-selling to existing clients. Sometimes just a simple conversation can lead to great business… or more importantly a referral. Referrals are one of the best ways to build your sales funnel. Check out this networking and referral app:
  3. Reach out to your old, dormant clients.
    You’ve dealt with customers in the past. They know you and probably still like you. Over the years you’ve improved and innovated your offering and so have they. Why not reach out to them? See if you can do business again? Show them how you’ve changed. Again, you might get business and/or you might get a referral.
  4. Drive your new business sales pipeline.
    Getting sales leads from scratch is actually extremely easy. The system will do it for you. Your problem is converting those leads into sales. This is why we work with sales trainers like Julie. We get the sales leads and build your sales funnel, she teaches you how to close them and get ROI.

To get more sales leads, try the automated sales funnel software for LinkedIn lead generation and email nurturing. It has everything you need to drive sales leads for your company and your clients.