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LinkedIn is steadily becoming one of the best platforms to market your product and connect directly to your ideal potential customers. However, LinkedIn is highly competitive. Everyone is online and everyone is trying to sell software. The problem is PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO BUY SOFTWARE. So, if you’ve got a brilliant software solution that you are sure the market wants and needs, how then do you sell software on LinkedIn?


The entire sales process, from meeting someone on LinkedIn to closing the deal, should be beautifully comfortable. So gentle that you should never talk about your product or service!


This hard-hitting video helps you get to grips with the sales process, get those LinkedIn leads into your inbox, and convert them.

There are three things this video talks about that are crucial in selling software on LinkedIn:

  1. The EMOTIONAL sell
  2. The RATIONAL sell
  3. The HATCH THE EGG sell

Your software is a baby chicken. Nobody wants a baby chicken, they want an egg. Eggs are simple, useful, uncomplicated. You need to sell them the egg, then let the chicken (your software) break free and hatch into the organisation. Now everyone loves it!

You are very close to your baby chicken (your software). When you look at it, you get warm and fuzzy feelings. Who cannot love those ruffed-up yellow feathers, that teeny little beak, those big eyes?

Your prospects don’t love your software the way you do. That’s the problem. 

YOU are the REAL reason your client will buy

People don’t care about your software. They might need it, but actually, they are buying into you and your personal reputation.

You need to build your personal credibility within a small, carefully chosen select group of people on LinkedIn.

Here it is in black and white: If 150 of the right people know you, trust you, and believe in you, you will get 30 deals. Done and dusted. They will lead to referrals and you will blossom. Focus your time and effort on building trust and credibility with 150 people! The rest do not matter. Ignore them. They are bad eggs.

Watch the video above – it explains the process of selling software on LinkedIn in great detail.