The My Most Trusted Chrome Extension and Mobile App allows you to turn LinkedIn into a prospecting machine. However, a sales tool is nothing without a sales method. Let’s do some LinkedIn Training.

Every Wednesday we conduct free training on LinkedIn using the chrome extension and mobile app. We form support groups, network, and help each other with our businesses.

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  3. In return for this training, please invite ONE new person to join our session each week.

Each free LinkedIn training session is one hour long: 30 minutes theory followed by 30 minutes Q&A. If you cannot attend the seminars in person, you can get the recordings below.

If you dedicate one hour a week to your LinkedIn prospecting it will work. Put it in your diary and learn our process, it will become a major part of your business.

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LinkedIn Training Session Recordings

Session 1 Recording

Our first session began with an overview of the why:

  1. Why should I spend an hour a week on LinkedIn? Growing my sales funnel? Generating leads?
  2. Why should I diligently measure and monitor my sales process? Build relationships with other users? Network on LinkedIn?

Homework: Please install the extension, login and add five people to the “Trusted Connections” tab.

(Apologies for the quality of the session 1 zoom recording)

Session 2 Recording

Session 2 was technical. I showed you how to:

  1. use the My Most Trusted app to search LinkedIn and quickly send personal invitations,
  2. see who has accepted those invitations; and
  3. set up quick message templates and send LinkedIn messages to your contacts super-fast.

You can now speed up your LinkedIn prospecting by 300%!

Homework: Please think carefully about the location, industry, and job title of key people you would just love to get in front of. For example:

  • Do you want to reach MD’s of construction companies in New York?
  • …or CIO’s of pharmaceutical companies in the UK?

Please send out 30 invitations using the app, wait a day or two and push the “check acceptances” button. Then, send out acceptance messages to everyone who accepted your LinkedIn invitation. Remember to use the message templates in the SETTINGS menu of the Chrome Extension.

Session 3 Recording

Well done. You now have the skills to build a basic ‘LinkedIn Prospecting Machine’ – but you only know the basics. The stuff that’s on its way is going to make all this look like child’s play.

Today you learned your very first “Secret LinkedIn Conversion Technique.”

You probably send heaps of LinkedIn messages… but sadly so few respond. ūüôĀ

I explained why they don’t respond and How to fix it.

The trick is to combine human nature with empathy and insight: people will want to converse with you on LinkedIn when you make bold, provocative statements that demonstrate professional insight.

Homework: write and send out at least three professional insight messages to your practice contacts.

Session 4 Recording

Today’s LinkedIn training session was fun.

I showed you a little-known function in the MMT extension called “Chat Circles.” Every week we break into groups of three and use Chat Circles to create little support groups. You will be able to lean on and help each other.

You can also use Chat Circles in your own company – to make communication between team members easier.

Homework: Read my e-book called The Captivating One-liner on the home page. Here is another short training video to help you.

Session 5 Recording

Today we started looking at your¬†The Captivating One-liner¬†(note the e-book at¬† This¬†one simple line¬†that speaks to the pain of your audience and is used as the headline for your LinkedIn and email marketing content. ¬†Get this right and your clicks will go up by 1000% (yes, that’s a 10x improvement!)

HOMEWORK¬†– nail down your Captivating One-liner and share it with your support group. Don’t have a support group? Come to a Wednesday session and join one.

Bonus: if you really want to get to grips with the Captivating One-liner, here is a seminar I gave on the subject:

Session 6 Recording

You now know the basics, including how to create a tracking link!

By using a tracking link, you will get notified in real-time the moment someone clicks on any link you choose, including your Captivating One-liner. Why is this relevant? Because if you send them a Professional Insight message at the same time they interact with your content, they are even more likely to respond.

Also today, we finalised your Captivating One-liner for LinkedIn and the content that goes along with it. This LinkedIn training has taught you the science of LinkedIn sales conversions using the My Most Trusted Chrome extension along with the art of content and messaging people on LinkedIn in a soft, gentle and credible way.

Your course homework is to go out and do it! Invite 150 people, send out your invitations and acceptances, track your clicks and send professional insight messages. Build your sales pipeline. You know enough to make magic happen!

Coming up in the next few weeks: we move into getting referrals using the My Most Trusted app and we delve into the actual sales process: How do you convert all these LinkedIn leads into appointments?


Please invite one new person to attend our free LinkedIn training each week. This keeps our group growing. They can quickly catch up from the recordings and join us in the live groups if they wish. Send them this link to sign-up.