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The Marketing Strategy That Expands Your Professional Network

Professional Reputation is
The Future of Sales


Grow Your Client Base Now

Close More Sales by Building Your Reputation

Launch your organization to center stage within your industry by building a rock-solid personal and professional reputation and online presence.

Lead Generation

Close More Sales by Building Your Professional Reputation

Launch your organization to center stage within your industry by building a rock-solid personal and professional reputation and online presence.

Grow Your Client Base Now

Build your sales funnel

The Future of Sales

The Solution

Close more deals

The 3 Keys to Closing More Deals

Sales Lead Generation

Generate high-quality leads and grow your connections on LinkedIn by producing content that is both invaluable and irresistible to your industry.

Engagement Analytics

Focus your sales efforts on only the best leads that have the highest probability of closing by utilising our extensive data-driven analytics.

Sales Mentorship

Great leads are useless if not converted into sales. We provide you with step by step sales mentorship to ensure that you close more deals. Includes an interview with CEO, Scott Cundill.

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Just One Sentence will Ignite Your Sales 

Successful businesses generate value within the market place. Show your potential clients what you can bring to the table, and get noticed. 

Produce content that:

Is relevant to your industry and area of expertise

Is invaluable and Irresistible to your prospective clients

Addresses specific pain points and your solutions 

How do We Boost Your Sales?

With our proven five-step marketing strategy:

Step 1 - The Captivating One-Liner

Write an article that is relevant and invaluable to your industry of expertise.

Show prospective client’s how you can solve their problems.

Step 2 - Build your reputation and credibility

Let our sales prospecting software connect on your behalf with quality LinkedIn prospects that show a natural interest in your specialty.

Step 3 - Keep the conversation going

A carefully curated response will automatically stay in touch with your new LinkedIn connections using our automated email sequence.

Step 4 - Analyse the data

The Maj3 software tracks every unique customer journey to identify which leads are the most engaged with your content.

Step 5 - Close your deals

Approach your new connection personally knowing that they have already shown considerable interest in your expertise. Lead Scoring Dashboard

Lead Generation

What Our Customers Have to Say

Since we’ve been using Maj3, we’ve made contact, built relationships with and closed two international deals. These are people that we would not have had contact with if it wasn’t for the way in which Maj3 opened the door for us to do business.

Mark Oelofse


It usually takes a University a year of telephone calling to get 2000 engaged alumni.

With Maj3, we didn’t make a single call and 8000 alumni updated their own details online in a few months!

Their communication first approach and methodology is second to none.

Karen Coetzee

University of JHB

I am a sceptical business owner. I deliberated for months before finally going ahead with Maj3.

Now that I see the results flowing in, I am a 100% Maj3 convert!

Joseph Davis


Some of Our Satisfied Customers

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