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The LinkedIn and email lead generation system is the ideal Business-to-Business marketing strategy. A strategy that takes a soft, personal approach to digital marketing and sales. the solution has been crafted with over twenty years of marketing and sales experience and is built on a solid foundation of principles that have been proven to get the best results.

In the world of business, you are dealing with other people after all and strong business relationships are key to success.

Our mission is to build your personal and professional reputation and credibility, expand your network to put you in contact with the key players within your industry, and ensure that your sales team closes more deals. 

Here’s why our LinkedIn and email lead generation system works so well


  1. The Captivating One-liner

    We build credibility with your target audience using the Captivating One-Liner. It’s a soft, non-salesy approach that focuses on identifying common ‘pain points’ in the industry and developing trust before anything else.

  2. The Content

    After getting to know you and your target industry’s pain points we tailor an article specifically for you to attract the attention and gain the trust of your target audience. This can be modeled to any target industry and audience.

  3. The Cobots

    Your predetermined search is executed by a real-life human running an algorithm. This process cuts down the initial prospecting time because you won’t have to manually find the people you want to connect with on LinkedIn. The bot finds them for you, sends the invitation to connect and once a person accepts, manages the entire follow-up process. It will facilitate:

    1. checking whether they’ve accepted;
    2. exporting their details to your Maj3 database; 
    3. starting them on the email journey; and
    4. tracking their engagement with your content.

Imagine having to do all of this AND keep track of where every single person is in the process manually. Our bot makes sales prospecting easier.


  1. The MyA Dashboard

    With your list of new, highly qualified LinkedIn leads, how do you know which ones to reach out to first? Well, MyA keeps track of who has clicked your links and reads your emails, and scores them accordingly. MyA displays your highest quality leads at the very top, all you need to do is scoop them up! MyA enables you to measure your leads, and if you can measure them, you can manage them.

  2. The Chrome Extension

    The My Most Trusted Chrome extension and mobile app are very handy tools for keeping track of your highest quality leads. No need for external spreadsheets or reminders – it’s all right there as soon as you open LinkedIn. The app also allows access to manual prospecting for new connections as well as pushing your leads to MyA. 

  3.  The MyMostTrusted Mobile app

    The mobile app not only shows you the same overview of your leads but also notifies you in real-time when someone clicks the tracking link you created through the chrome extension. This allows you to immediately message your lead while your article is fresh in their minds. This will make securing that first call easier.

  4. Automated email journey 

    The automated email journey is the email lead generation engine. Perfectly timed automated emails to nurture the relationships you are building and keep top-of-mind awareness in your audience. Each of these emails is sent in the background while you focus on securing calls. Each mail opens a new door for your audience to interact with your content.

  5. Maj3 is many things, but it also happens to be a bulk emailing system

    Newsletters are so 1980 but client communication is still very much in fashion. Using the same idea of the email journey, you can strengthen the trust that your existing clients have in you and your company by keeping them up to date with relevant industry information. This opens doors for upselling and repeat business from your database. These email journeys will all be tracked on your MyA dashboard, to assist you every step of the way in your email lead generation efforts. 

  6. Quality over quantity

    Keep the cr** off the app. It goes without saying that you want the highest quality leads. With a LinkedIn search tailored to your target market, pre-invite vetting, and post-invite scoring; you will only be dealing with the highest quality leads.

  7. Its not called social networking for nothing

    Get ready, because it’s about to snowball. With every new 1st level connection you make in this process, you are granted access to new connections. These new connections will, in all likelihood, be more of the kinds of people you are looking for. Maj3 don’t mine those connections but you can use our tools to do in-depth prospecting into that untapped pool and with every search URL refresh, these connections will show up. You end up with a more relevant LinkedIn profile.

  8. With the Push to MyA function on the app, you can manually prospect

    You can then push these new connections into your Maj3 database. You can even add previously existing and new, manual connections to your database.

  9. A strong, targeted database

    All of the above lead to you building a powerful targeted and segmented database. You can even export this database as a spreadsheet! 

  10. It would be remiss of me not to mention the FANTASTIC customer service and ongoing support you receive from the Maj3 team.

The entire Maj3 system works as a whole to get you in front of the people who are 100% suited to your services and products. It is a massive marketing engine that we have put together for you, most of which works behind the scenes. Take your LinkedIn and lead generation game to the next level with