Build your personal credibility & close more deals

Maj3 is a reputation-based sales generation company.

We use LinkedIn automation and digital marketing to establish you as a credible specialist in your chosen professional field. Lead generation and online marketing have never been easier with our state-of-the-art sales software.

How do we do this?

We developed the Maj3 LinkedIn lead generation software to grow and nurture your professional network.

This lead automation technology enables you to leverage your influence to increase your sales.

Our LinkedIn strategy takes a soft-selling approach to digital marketing:


The Captivating One-Liner

Write an article around a topic that is relevant in your industry and address points of concern that will bring value to your potential connections.


Build Your Credibility

Let our sales prospecting software connect on your behalf with quality LinkedIn prospects that show a natural interest in your speciality.


Keep the Conversation Going

A carefully curated response will automatically stay in touch with your new LinkedIn connections.


Analyse the Data Closely

Analyse the data

The Maj3 software tracks every unique customer journey to identify which leads are the most engaged with your content.


Close Your Deals Today

Close Your Deals

Approach your new connection personally knowing that they have already shown a considerable interest in your expertise.

Personal reputation is the future of sales

Making a long-term commitment to reputation building will put you in contact with the decision-makers of your industry and will encourage these individuals to trust that you can solve their problems. Online lead generation helps Maj3 to identify which of these prospects are most likely to convert to your services or products. This truly is a refined approach to digital marketing that works.

The Captivating One-liner

It all starts with a quality content article that eloquently addresses specific pain points within your industry and area of expertise, thereby providing value to your potential connections. Central to the success of this article is the captivating one-liner, a title that will instantly grab the attention of your prospective client.

We also provide step-by-step guidance on the all-important email series and a one-on-one video interview with Scott Cundill.

Take the lead

By using an automated sales funnel, you will have data to guide your sales strategy:


Use LinkedIn automation as a tool to build your personal brand.


Save valuable time by generating quality sales leads.


Become relevant in your field of expertise by growing your professional network.

See for yourself

We have numerous clients that can attest to the value of using lead generation to increase the online sales of their business.

Steel Studio

Maj3’s services have helped Steel Studio form relationships with industry leaders for the last 2 years. Including solid lead generation that other tools have not been able to match. Relationships that I don’t believe Steel Studio sales executives could have forged on their own.

Steel Studio has become a brand worth trusting thanks to the email software, Linkedin connections and strong content assistance from Maj3. I recommend this product to anyone in need of a successful communication and relationship building tool with their client base.

 – Sandra Blackbeard –


Since we’ve been using Maj3, we’ve made contact, built relationships with and closed two international deals. These are people that we would not have had contact with if it wasn’t for the way in which Maj3 opened the door for us to do business.

I find it really easy. Half an hour in the morning spent on attending to the connections that the system has made during the night, gets the conversations going.

The system really works while you sleep!

 – Mark Oelofse –

University of JHB

It usually takes a University a year of telephone calling to get 2000 engaged alumni.

With Maj3, we didn’t make a single call and 8000 alumni updated their own details online in a few months!

Their communication first approach and methodology is second to none.

 – Karen Coetzee –


I am a sceptical business owner. I deliberated for months for before finally going ahead with Maj3.

Now that I see the results flowing in, I am a 100% Maj3 convert!

 – Joseph Davis –

Some of our clients

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